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Know your dental clinic

  • Dr. Aruna Bhadiadra's, Advanced Dental Care Center is a multi speciality Dental Clinic based in Ahmedabad, India.
  • Our Dental Clinic has an advantage of being one of the very first and very few Best Dentist Surgeon in Ahmedabad, India with multi - speciality treatments.
  • We perform all sorts of Dental treatments under one roof, everything from Cosmetic dentistry including Smile Makeover & Dental Implants to General Dentistry including Cavity Fillings to Root Canal treatments.

Dental Articles

Teeth Scaling and Cleaning

Dr. Aruna Bhadiadra, recommends the procedure of deep cleaning of teeth, also called teeth scaling for removal of plaque...

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is a type of dentistry that helps to correct teeth that are not properly aligned. The treatment is broad...

Understanding Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is probably the most feared of all dental procedures, because of a very good reason that it usually...

Foreign Patients

We, at our Dental Clinic, treat very high number of Dental patients from all over the world every year, so we know and understand their expectations, requirements and difficulties very well. We understand the pains taken by Dental Patients to travel all the way to Ahmedabad, India for their Dental treatments. Hence, we provide them “The Best”, treatment options, minimum time requirement, full co-operation & 24 line. We do not charge differently to our foreign patients compared with our routine/local patients.

Why Advanced Dental Care Centre?

  • Team of Highly Qualified and super specialized Dentists
  • Upto 75% Saving in Cost
  • Preview your Smile before reaching India by sending your photograph through email
  • The standards of Sterilization, Dental techniques, Equipment materials used are at par or Superior then most Dental clinics in UK and USA at a fraction of a cost
  • Help you plan your small vacation to the exotic & exciting locations in India along with your Dental Treatment